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"If you're tasked with procuring personal protective equipment, safety supplies or medical products, then you need a provider that you can trust. That's OlleyMay SAFETY, an affiliate of Proforma, the nation's #1 distributor at $530 million strong and growing."

Bruce Browning, President, Proforma Edge

Corporate Safety

Keep your staff and customers safe with one of the largest selections of products from the nation’s #1 distributor. Count on OlleyMay for PPE, protective shields, signage and more. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Are you finding it difficult to consistently procure PPE at reasonable rates from a trusted, reputable supplier? Let OlleyMay help you, no matter what size your order. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


In an effort to open stores swiftly with shopper safety in mind, Uniqlo recently came to OlleyMay SAFETY for assistance.

When SC Johnson couldn’t find nitrile gloves, they called on OlleyMay SAFETY for assistance. Within a few hours OlleyMay set aside enough nitrile gloves from inventory in NY to help the SC Johnson of brands stay safe in the various plants across the country.

Cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants tend to get confused with each other. However, they are not all created equal.


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