The Future is Made in America.

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The Future is Made in America

A New Push to Buy PPE Made in the USA

A new “Buy American” executive order has been signed by the President directing the federal government to buy more American-made products in an effort to boost domestic manufacturing and prevent another critical supply shortage.

A Lesson Learned from the PPE Shortage

The PPE supply chain failure at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic showed the danger of relying too heavily on a global supply chain.  At that time, more than 60% of the World’s PPE was made in Malaysia.  When China shut down it’s factories due to COVID-19, the U.S. was left with depleting stockpiles and no way to manufacture enough to meet demand. This contributed greatly to the panic and mad frenzy those of us in the PPE business remember all too well.

A New Demand for Made-in-the-USA PPE

The good news is that domestic production of PPE is increasing with a full range of products being produced in the U.S. including masks, hand sanitizers, gowns and more (maybe even gloves one day!). 

OlleyMay offers a full suite of PPE made in the USA. 


Click here to download the USA PPE flyer or contact us today using the form below; we’d be honored to provide you with some options for review.

To see the full executive order, please click here.

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