Trust Your Distributor To Help You Avoid Fraudulent Supply

With COVID-19 continuing to place unprecedented demands on supply, healthcare providers may be tempted to turn to unknown sources to find additional products. But using unfamiliar suppliers presents risks to healthcare providers – risks that distributors can help reduce.

Recognize the Red Flags

If an unfamiliar source:

Offers ”too good to be true” bargain prices


Being stuck with unsafe counterfeit products

Promises large unrealistic volumes


Not receiving what you ordered

Guarantees immediate immediate delivery


Phantom orders with no delivery at all

Requests advance or urgent payment


Losing money

Take Steps to Protect Your Organization

Check with:

Manufacturers OFFER Hotlines to verify authorized suppliers

Regulators MAINTAIN Online databases of 510(k) and EUA approvals and suspect sources

Distributors VET New sources and identify trusted alternative vendors

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