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We're pretty simple people with a pretty simple mission:

To help as many companies like yours continue to move forward and grow — first by staying safe from the Coronavirus that’s keeping so many companies back.

And we feel like we have an obligation to do so, because here’s the thing…

When this COVID-19 virus first broke out across the world in early 2020 we noticed that so many organizations were getting shut out from protecting themselves with trusted PPE products, because governments and large healthcare institutions were gobbling up all the supplies and there simply wasn’t enough supply.

And we get that, given the limited supply and all.

But it was heartbreaking to see so many people in need, even on the front lines, and not be able to protect themselves.

And at the same time clients were calling us asking for protective equipment.

So, we stepped up to the plate and started to help by offering protective supplies to those in need.

This was all made possible because of Proforma’s worldwide support center in Cleveland, OH, which tapped into our vast supplier network to help produce and transport much needed supplies to our clients.

Proforma’s PPE initiative is best summed up by Proforma CEO,
Vera Muzzillo

As a $500 million global company that has sourced products worldwide for many decades, we believe that we all have a social responsibility in this time of crisis to step up and help all of those in need. Our healthcare professionals and essential workers demonstrate their heroism and bravery every day for each of us as we battle this crisis together. Proforma is committed to serving the needs of our communities and our at-risk workers through the most responsible sourcing from our long standing and trusted Supplier Partners with whom we have worked for decades. This initiative is supported by our premier and industry leading proprietary business management system, ProVision. We are proud to do our part and, together, we can overcome this pandemic and provide the tools for a better future!

Combined with decades of international sourcing experience, things started to come together quickly for the various Proforma distributors like OlleyMay (but to be honest it wasn’t easy – there were sleepless nights, bumps in the road – OK, big potholes – but all in all things came together nicely).

In fact, the Proforma team even chartered planes to help transport PPE to our clients.

Fast forward to today…we’re now able to bring organizations their much needed protective items. 

But with a slight twist…

You see, we’re all about long term solutions and relationships. 

From our main business of providing branded merchandise and marketing services, our business model is providing long term solutions to those in need. And the same goes with our safety equipment and services.

For instance, you can store your items with us so you’re never out of inventory.

Or have us set up a continuous supply program for you on a regular basis.

Either way, we’ll help ensure your organization doesn’t run out of much needed supply to stay safe and move forward.

So if you’re in the market for a long term provider that you can rely on to bring you trusted personal protective equipment for years to come, then let’s talk.

Thank you,


Bruce Browning

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Client Service & Support
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Gregory P. Muzzillo founded Proforma in 1978 with a college friend. Within one year, the business they started with $200 grew to $250,000 and its client base to more than 300. By 1982, sales reached $1 million and Proforma was named in successive years to Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies – the only company in the business forms industry named to the list twice.

To continue Proforma’s rapid growth, Muzzillo developed the Proforma franchise model in 1986 – a network of independent distributors working together to build marketing clout and strong supplier relationships. This model proved successful, as Proforma, now in its fourth decade, has grown to a $500 million organization.

"Servicing the PPE needs of corporations, governmental agencies and healthcare institutions is serious business and not something we take lightly. Before choosing your PPE supplier, we encourage you to reach out to us so we can answer your questions."

Greg Muzillo


Vera Muzillo

Chief Executive Officer

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Stan Maxwell

Chief Strategy Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

Rick Hileman

Chief Financial Officer

Tampa, FL


Cleveland, OH

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Ordering Personal Protective Equipment with Proforma has been a pleasure every step of the way. We've heard a lot of horror stories about how difficult it has been for others in the industry to acquire PPE necessities. That has not been the case with Proforma. Their turnaround time, communication throughout the process, quality of product and ability to secure transportation were very commendable!

Proforma was a true partner for us in sourcing PPE products. The kept us informed of the changing regulatory landscape in China and were able to deliver our product. Looking forward to more orders in the future.

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